Secure Digital Transformation

We empower people, protect connections and monitor all critical infrastructure security

Industrial Cyber ​​Security Education

We empower people to work safely in industry 4.0

Secure Remote Access

We establish the necessary security for the decentralization of operations

Industry 4.0 with safe processes

From conception to day-to-day operation, TI Safe can protect industrial processes against cyber incidents

Intelligent Industrial Security Monitoring

ICS-SOC® is a framework designed to anticipate, prevent, defend and respond to cyber attacks against critical infrastructures.

ICS.Security Framework® - The Safe IT Methodology

  • Risk analysis

    Risk analysis

    Risk Analysis exposes existing vulnerabilities and threats. It is the fundamental step to protect any facility.

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  • Industrial Cyber ​​Security Plan


    The Industrial Cyber ​​Security Plan guides how and when cyber security countermeasures should be implemented.

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  • Protection Solutions

    Protection Solutions

    Organized in six domains, protection solutions establish controls with a focus on the resilience of automation networks.

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  • Monitoring and Improvement


    Monitoring maintains and improves the levels of security necessary for full business continuity through risk management and its technological countermeasures.

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ICS.Security Framework® Protection Solutions

    • Governance and Monitoring

      Governance and Monitoring

      The industrial networks at their source were designed to operate with maximum availability, with little attention focused on cyber security. It is essential to implement governance and monitoring measures.

    • Edge Security

      Edge Security

      Edge Security aims to prevent unauthorized access and maintain the integrity of information flowing to and from the automation network.

    • Industrial Network Protection

      Industrial Network Protection

      Industrial networks and protocols require specific solutions to ensure cybersecurity without affecting the availability of factory floor systems.

  • Malware Control

    Malware Control

    Modern malware today is the main threat to industrial networks. Companies without complete solutions for infection control and prevention are constant victims of cyber attacks.

  • Data Security

    Data Security

    Recent reports on the stealing of sensitive data from global companies bring industrial espionage to the forefront of the discussion.

  • TI Safe Academy

    TI Safe Academy

    In order to protect critical infrastructures it is necessary to know the risks to which networks and industrial systems are subjected, and the correct use of countermeasures according to the safety standards.

TI Safe Academy


    • Classroom Training


      TI Safe Academy


      Comprehensive training in industrial cyber security provided at TI Safe Academy. 20 hours of classes with theoretical and practical content.

      Next classes: RJ - December 15th to 17th

  • Online Training


    3 Virtual Environment


    The same content of classroom training available in our virtual teaching environment. Study when and where you want.



  • CASE Certification



    The examination determines if the professional has the appropriate knowledge to secure a critical industrial network. Certification is performed in Portuguese in our virtual teaching environment.

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